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Podcast: Uli Becker

Chris Titley

In the latest Morgans Executive Series Podcast, I chatted with Uli Becker, former CEO of Reebok. Uli describes how his love of sport in high school guided his career aspirations, his journey to becoming a former CEO of Reebok, and the contrast between working for a global giant versus working independently as a start up.

Uli offers noteworthy-advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and valuable business insights for emerging business leaders:

"Without failure, you're not progressing and you can't win." 

Listen to the podcast:

More information

Launched in 2016, the Morgans Executive Series is a collection of interviews with senior executives and entrepreneurs. The aim of the series is to allow listeners to gain an authentic perspective of the executive via discussion on entrepreneurialism, management techniques, behaviours, work/life balance, philanthropy and business acumen. You can access the full list of interviews we have published by clicking on the "Morgans Executive Series" link under 'Popular Topics' on the right hand side of this page.