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Podcast: Maxine Horne, CEO, Vita Group

Chris Titley

In the first episode of the Morgans Executive Series, I sat down with Maxine Horne, CEO and Co-founder of Vita Group (ASX Code:VTG). Maxine and I discuss the history of Vita, the challenges of running a business as a mother, the transitioning period after listing the business, her involvement in various charities and her views on workplace gender diversity.

The podcast has an unbelievable amount of information relevant for management, leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Vita Group is valued by the market at $562m and its share price has risen nearly 4x since listing:

More information

Launched in 2016, the Morgans Executive Series is a collection of interviews with senior executives and entrepreneurs. The aim of the series is to allow listeners to gain an authentic perspective of the executive via discussion on entrepreneurialism, management techniques, behaviours, work/life balance, philanthropy and business acumen.

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