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Podcast: Craig Blair, Co-founder of Air Tree Ventures

Chris Titley

In the latest episode of the Morgans Startup Series, I caught up with Craig Blair, Co-founder of Air Tree Ventures. Air Tree was established by Craig and his business partner Daniel Petre in 2014 to invest in fast growth emerging technology companies. The partners have worked together for 20 years plus prior to establishing Air Tree. The company has made 14 investments including companies such as Canva, Design Crowd and 90 Seconds.

Craig and I discuss the investment philosophies Air Tree look for when investing , the various segments they are invested in , as well as some guidance for those starting out. 

More information

Launched in 2015, the Morgans Startup Series is a collection of technology company interviews that form part of our commitment to working towards a dedicated and co-operative ecosystem to allow startup companies to prosper. You can access the full list of interviews we have conducted by clicking on the "Morgans Startup Series" link under 'Popular Topics' on the right hand side of this page. Please contact your Morgans adviser for more information.